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How it works

Cover Art. The cover art is the first presentation of your game and what a potential buyer sees on a sales platform. Even a game with very minimalistic graphics must always have a well-designed cover. Because at this step – it’s the most important to interest potential players.


Concept Art. We can visually frame all your ideas. What you see in your head can be technically reproduced by our artists. Or vice versa to help you with original visual ideas. The concept art exists to shape your vision in the form of drawings, which will later be converted into game graphics.


Character Design. Our studio can create high-quality characters for your projects in different genres and styles (casual, kids-friendly, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, etc.). Character design will be converted into in-game sprites based on your game needs. An interesting, charismatic, and expressive character is what often players remember first about your video game.


Sprites Animation. The animation is something that breathes life into beautiful sprites of characters and assets. We will help you revitalize the characters and make the game dynamic and atmospheric!


Environment Assets. Beautiful characters should be placed in a vibrant, dynamic, and stylish world. These are the components we create for your gaming worlds.


Background Art. Beautiful background art will create a deep atmosphere and mood of your project.


Promo Materials. We can develop all the materials you need for social media, websites, crowdfunding campaigns, and other ways of promotion to reach a wide audience of players. It can be not only icons, banners, illustrations, but also comics and more creative and interesting materials.